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A Night at the Museum…

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

The Memoirs team executed our first dinner in the Bishop Museum, Hawaiian Hall last week. What an honor and a privilege to allowed into such an incredible space rich with history and legends. The menu:

Foies gras torchon with ume compote and toasted pumpernickel bread

Neavue samosa with Northshore potato, rich Indian yogurt and Nalo micro green onions

Wailua asparagus vichyssoises (classic preparation)

Pan seared MongChong over rainbow chard from Ma’o farms with oxtail demi

Hawaiian chocolate crunch bar with black sesame ice cream and Kauai vintage rum caramel.

First Kiss

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

It starts with anticipation, careful approach and pouring emotions. Climax hits, chills flow and aftermath sets in followed by tempered mellowing. And it’s gone. Why can’t we have it over and over? What’s the balance between opened and watered down whiskey? The right amount of ice? Your glassware? Think again…

Unless you chug your fine spirits on the rocks, ice goes from wanted to unwanted. The first kiss of burn and flavor is perfect and later digress into mundane. In Japan I enjoyed giant ice cubes with a slower melt rate as the chill of choice for those chaps.

You can buy mega round ice cube trays at most asian markets. Not a bad way to go.

BUT… if second, third and forth kisses leave you unsatisfied, I know the girl for you. Soapstone rocks from BevMo can be bought, frozen and used to chill and open your spirits well enough.

Add a pure silver tumbler glass that retains chill and you’ve found true love. Together with your ‘forever ice’ every kiss tastes and feels like the first.

FOOD Makes a Happy Home

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Especially when Chef Peter is cooking it.

Recently, good friends of mine purchased a beautiful new home here in town. It wasn’t an easy process, but after months of looking, packing, unpacking, moving, and (some) stress, Ron and Sandra a settled in to what I would consider a “lifetime” home. SO, what better way to celebrate than to christen the kitchen with an incredible & memorable meal with none other than Chef Peter himself.

As bottle after bottle (after bottle, etc.) of wine were opened and quickly finished, Chef Peter put out dish after dish (after dish, etc) of simply incredible flavors.

From Left to right: Foie Gras, Opakapaka, Fillet, Homemade Ice Cream (Cheese Platter not pictured, but thoroughly enjoyed)

All the while, the beautifully set table sat untouched.

Rather, we opted for huddling together around the kitchen counter, where each dish was effortlessly prepared right in front of our eyes. Chef Peter, chit chatting along with us, barely broke a sweat, and with very little fuss, and some flair (see below), treated us to a feast not likely to be recreated in that kitchen again (no disrespect to Ron and Sandra’s cooking skills…)

Chef Peter’s favorite tools in the Kitchen? Blow Torch & Toaster Oven.

The Very Happy and Very Full Group