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Memoirs & Mondiale du Vin Summer BBQ

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Memoirs recently provided a summer BBQ style menu for the Kauai/Oahu chapter of the Mondiale du Vin USA.  The food was well received, the wine flowed freely & the beautiful Oasis World Estate in Aina Haina provided the perfect setting for a sunset followed by a full moon rise.

The Menu:

surfing goat cheese stuffed shrimp cakes,
hamachi ceviche w/ avocado, lime & truffle oil &
petite filet w/ port shallot butter
Garlic shrimp skewered with Ho farm tomatoes
Grilled organic chicken breast with ginger lilikoi marinade
Grilled Andrade (Kauai) beef striploin w. port honey glaze on a variety of grilled local vegetables
Hand cut pasta and truffle tomato sauce
Haricort vert, shallot and poha berry balsamic glaze
Roasted Maui thyme Twin-Bridge potatoes
Nalo Greens with torched mac nut dressing
Kula Strawberry and mascarpone tartlets
Wailua chocolate crunch bar brownies

Following the dinner, the Societe awarded a famed plate from Mondiale du Vin & Chaine de Rottiseries to Chef Foster.

Société Mondiale du Vin USA Logo Stickers

A Night at the Museum…

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

The Memoirs team executed our first dinner in the Bishop Museum, Hawaiian Hall last week. What an honor and a privilege to allowed into such an incredible space rich with history and legends. The menu:

Foies gras torchon with ume compote and toasted pumpernickel bread

Neavue samosa with Northshore potato, rich Indian yogurt and Nalo micro green onions

Wailua asparagus vichyssoises (classic preparation)

Pan seared MongChong over rainbow chard from Ma’o farms with oxtail demi

Hawaiian chocolate crunch bar with black sesame ice cream and Kauai vintage rum caramel.


Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Tucked at the end of the 15 lot Poamoho estates is a quite little farm.


Poamoho Flowers

Poamoho Ocean

Husband and wife team Al and Joan Santoro run and operate their 7 acre Organic farm (and home) mostly all on their own. With only some part-time staffers who weed in the morning, then surf in the afternoon, the two of them harvest and cultivate some of the most flavorful fruits on the island.

How do I know this? By sampling of course.

The purpose of my visit: To scout out locations for our new Farm 2 Table offerings (check back in a bit for details on our tour sites and menus).

The result of my visit: A beautiful morning spent walking, and golf carting through the farm. Mauka vistas off to the left, ocean views straight ahead, and not another house in sight. The avocado trees laden with ripening fruit (7 varieties to be precise). And the mango trees recovering from a longer than normal season.

Mango & Papaya

And the loot: A perfetly ready to eat duo of avocados. That’s the Big Island Butter on the left, and the Malama variety on the right.

Poamoho Avocados

Mahalo to Al for letting me enjoy his beautiful farm. To find out what Poamoho has in season, please visit their Website.