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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Much thanks to Walter Gau for designing the new Stainless Memoirs kitchen and service gear. I could not be more happy with the new line. Modern, clean and filled with negative space. No arrogance or frills, just straight hard steel to project the food’s own look and clarity.

This is one step closer to reinventing the “buffet line” with beautiful heat conducting food vessels.

Chafers will one day be a thing of the past. In fact, they already are for us. The Neuvo catering line coming soon.

Surf and Turf

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

During this year’s Da Hui competition, Memoirs was front and center at a home on Sunset Beach serving up the turf while there was plenty of turf.

The theme? Brazilian BBQ. Freshly ground cinnamon rubbed over pineapple and set above the smoking ribeye did the job. Clients almost lost their lives out in the breakers but were able to make it back to shore for some savory grilled island fruit and some juicy grilled, Prime cut Ribeye steaks.

Something worth living for if nothing else. Congratulations to winner John John Florence. I remember you when you were just this high.

First Kiss

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

It starts with anticipation, careful approach and pouring emotions. Climax hits, chills flow and aftermath sets in followed by tempered mellowing. And it’s gone. Why can’t we have it over and over? What’s the balance between opened and watered down whiskey? The right amount of ice? Your glassware? Think again…

Unless you chug your fine spirits on the rocks, ice goes from wanted to unwanted. The first kiss of burn and flavor is perfect and later digress into mundane. In Japan I enjoyed giant ice cubes with a slower melt rate as the chill of choice for those chaps.

You can buy mega round ice cube trays at most asian markets. Not a bad way to go.

BUT… if second, third and forth kisses leave you unsatisfied, I know the girl for you. Soapstone rocks from BevMo can be bought, frozen and used to chill and open your spirits well enough.

Add a pure silver tumbler glass that retains chill and you’ve found true love. Together with your ‘forever ice’ every kiss tastes and feels like the first.