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Your Imagination Deserves a Chance

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Have you ever pictured what the perfect dinner looks like? We all have our own ideal image, dish or setting. Memoirs was founded on the belief that the customers ideal is our mission, our mantra and our vocation. For 5 years now we have strived to create the ideal. Memoirs is a family and the client  becomes part of that family when we create their ideal in front of their very eyes. If you have an ideal, bring it to us and together we can turn imagination into reality.

Yours in Service,


A Night at the Museum…

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

The Memoirs team executed our first dinner in the Bishop Museum, Hawaiian Hall last week. What an honor and a privilege to allowed into such an incredible space rich with history and legends. The menu:

Foies gras torchon with ume compote and toasted pumpernickel bread

Neavue samosa with Northshore potato, rich Indian yogurt and Nalo micro green onions

Wailua asparagus vichyssoises (classic preparation)

Pan seared MongChong over rainbow chard from Ma’o farms with oxtail demi

Hawaiian chocolate crunch bar with black sesame ice cream and Kauai vintage rum caramel.

The Edition

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

When Memoirs opened 4 years ago we signed our LLC into existence one day dressed to the 9s. As we walked back to my car our photographer suggested we take this picture on the stairs of this empty open building. I obliged with hesitation because it wasn’t our office and seemed like it would be a fake representation of Memoirs.

One year later as fate would have it we moved into the same location and with help from friends I built an office into an otherwise empty space. We used all recycled wood from Re-Use Hawaii to build the jams, door frames and siding. I learned you can weld copper with a creme brule torch and did the lighting and electrical myself. I also got to feel what an electrical shock from a 440 splitter feels like.

It was small but it was mine and I made it work. Memoirs finally had the exact address we took a picture in front of one year prior.

Now it’s 2011 and check out The Edition! No not the sweaty hipp-ster asian bar…our original office at 32 Merchant! When we moved in 3 years ago it was just us renting a closet sized office in the middle of a huge space in a run down historical building. The AC alone was a terrifying beast that my friend Ying from GreenPeace would dismantle in the middle of the night if she knew it existed.

Today our office is bustling and I could not be happier with the growth and efforts on the behalf of the Jim Freidman architect group who has done an amazing job with the space. Stop by for a consultation or just a coffee and a chat while walking around one of DownTown’s most majestic historical buildings.