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wedding dinner at the Academy…

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011
After a well executed 5-course dinner at the Honolulu Academy of Arts for 100 people, it was satisfying to receive the following:
“You and your staff outdid yourselves last Saturday. Thank you so much for such a fantastic meal. Every course was wonderful, and everyone was raving about the food. Certainly a meal to remember. I hope we run into an occasion when we can work with you again. All the best to you and everyone at Memoirs.

The menu selection was innovative, relying on each ingredient to shine with sleek presentation of classic preparations.  The octopus, charred over an open flame was finished with a dressing derived from the spine marrow of adult ahi tuna.
The main was a duo of local Shinsato pork belly under seared local Monchong.  The chef prepared a celeriac puree topped with local tomatoes, edamame & mushrooms and finished with a lilikoi buerre blanc.

tomato powder & farm dirt…

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Chef recently worked out a tangy tomato powder which makes a nice savory seasoning for meats, vegetables, soups, sandwiches etc.   The preparation is simple, beautiful in its use of the generally discarded tomato skin and classic in its need for patience. Simply allow the skins to dry over the oven for a few days, pulse with the other ingredients & experiment with a new, homemade seasoning.

4 dried tomato skins
8 chili flakes
4 cumin seeds
1/2 tsp salt

In related news, an exciting component to one of Memoirs’ newly created Catch preparations includes the mysteriously descriptive “farm dirt”. We are offering a prize to the daring reader who can best anticipate what this component is. How about a bottle of an exclusive Napa Cabernet hand selected from the winery by the Chef? Email with your best guess. Winner and recipe announced in coming months.

WeekendMorningBreakfast… “ProsciuttoEggAsparagusBaconTarragon”

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

The bacon is invisible. The slice of Parmesan cheese and sun-bright local egg yolk, however, are anything but. If the crispy bread tried to hide, its feet would stick out from under the bed more obvious than the tender asparagus supporting it.

Fortunately, this dish is always in season and almost entirely local. When paired with champagne and fresh Kula strawberries with cream, this brunch will make even the crankiest person in your office or circle of friends smile on any morning.

Please no Sunday morning bookings until after February.

Simple Pleasures

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

There might be nothing better than turning on the lights in my kitchen around 6 am all by myself. Opening the oven and catching the steaming aroma of braised pork belly that has gone all night mixed with the coffee notes clutched in my right hand should be experienced by everyone who loves pork at least once in life.

I shamelessly admit that breakfast often diverts from spinach, pineapple blueberry smoothies to sometimes rude things like pork belly or 2 day stew with crunchy bread.


Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The recent Tahiti trip with my girlfriend was memorable, relaxing and full of unwound moments with her local family. From the crepe trucks to the surf breaks and all the fresh baguettes stuffed with ham and cheese, the food was spectacular in it’s own unassuming way.

Eating live clams plucked from the reef’s edge right in front of us with Champagne on the beach sound romantic… until you chew on a luke warm, still moving shellfish packed with shell fragments resembling a Dr. Sues creature with all it’s oddly vibrant colors.