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Monday, November 21st, 2011

foster dinner

Dinner at the Foster house has and will always be a simple, no frills affair. With country linen and a roaring fire to counter the freezing mountain air.

Stews like this Texas beef loaded with spices always come wiht fresh bread from the oven or in this case, cornbread.

beef stew

I was surprised the wine glasses came out and not everyday Duralex water glasses I love to drink wine from. I guess the old man’s birthday was reason enough.


hounds on the shore

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Friday, November 18th, 2011


After APEC events, billing and inventories were complete , I took my cooks up to the North Shore beach house to surf some pretty good swell and threw a mildly extravagant dinner party for ourselves, family style.

I particularly enjoyed taking the dogs to the beach with Olga in the morning and coming back to make banana pancakes on a Tuesday.


dinner party


Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Barnyard Wedding


All vegetarian and vegan. I learned honey is regurgitated from bees and that vegans and vegetarians are pretty laid back when it comes to most things. The family and guests were all there to enjoy the couple and we really felt the love come through. At some point or another we really smelled the good vibes as well… coming from the grill and the seared garlic zucchinis.

GEH also did a hell of a job.

Sunset Ranch is BEAUTIFUL and worth checking out if anyone is looking for a venue on that side of the island. Their guy on the ground was very cool and kept our electric going and was a problem solver for the venue, Sunset Ranch. All the staff from SR were good country people, the couple were there to party and celebrate life, the guests were loving every minute and the barn could not have looked better.



Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

APEC: Dispatch Vietnam


The President of Vietnam came here hours later. No further pictures were taken and the scenery didn’t get any better than this.

We were just the culinary support with 2 of our servers laced in (thank goodness). The guests enjoyed themselves throughly standing outside in pitch blackness for the first house, the President nearly stumbling once over benches by the pool. Eventually they recovered from the ‘dark hour’ and sat to enjoy some of Hawaii’s  pristine food products and spectacular conversation (along with some wine compliments of Sam’s Club.)

The next night it was the Prime Minister of Russia and they came directly to Memoirs. That night will be marked as one of the greatest parties I have ever been involved with. I cannot  post the reasons why on the web, but get at me if you want to know. All and all, it was a great week for everyone on the ball.

I’m going to go surf country for two days.