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A Happy (& busy) New Year!

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Memoirs  had a busy December through Christmas and multiple parties on New Years Eve.  Before Christmas, we visited our clients and partners around town with our very own Reindeer.

The New Year got off to a quick start thanks to State changes in recognition of civil unions, leading a to a noticeable increase in those celebration bookings for 2012.  We are happy to be part of any celebration and welcome these changes here for both ideological and common sense reasons.

The Bridal Expo kicks off the weekend of the 21st at Blaisdell and you can see us in action handing out some of our favorites like:

Hamakua red & yellow tomato gazpacho shot

In-house pickled vegetables w goat cheese puff pastry

Wailua chocolate crunch bar w Maui rum caramel

But today – we have been requested to join our friends at Hawaii Yachts for a day on-board offering local delights for a segment on the Travel Channel.  We will highlight local fish in our signature fish tacos along with some of Memoirs other favorites.