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Memoirs Hawaii is dedicated to animal husbandry and the sustainable treatment of animal. We are pleased to extend new menu options to our valued customers. We work directly with processing facilities here on O’ahu and across the country so that you pay a fair price for fresher – and happier – meats. Never-Ever Natural (N3) means the animals are NEVER given antibiotics or artificial hormones. EVER. The animals are also fed a 100% vegetarian diet. We know that animals raised alongside their mothers with free access to grass and pasture is the foundation of natural. Animals in tight-packed, stressful and unclean environments are not natural. The N3 program ensures that every independent farmer and rancher who raises livestock for us practices sustainable agriculture. This means they not only take care of the land, but allow livestock to engage in their natural behavior like living outdoors and interacting with litter mates.
Proudly serving Kunoa Beef, Kualoa Beef, Niman Ranch and meats from Newport Pride. "The continual low-dose use of antibiotics (known as sub-therapeutic antibiotic) allows livestock to survive the stressful conditions that would normally make an animal sick. It also helps them reach market weight faster with less feed. We believe that the regular use of antibiotics creates significant health concerns for both animals and humans, so these animals in the program never receive antibiotics—ever." — Niman Ranch
"Newport Meat Company is extremely selective in our fresh, all natural pork program... These family farms bring together the best genetics, nutrition, the cleanest environment, and humane treatment of their pigs. The result is natural, well marbled pork with unsurpassed quality. These standards are constantly upheld by third party independent audits to ensure humane animal handling." — Newport Pride
"In Hawaii, with year-round growing season and plentiful water, Kunoa cattle are able to grow as their physiology intended them to—happily grazing on plentiful local forages and carefully selected supplements while steadily, and healthily, gaining weight without any added hormones or antibiotics. Throughout their entire life cycle, the health of our animals is our top concern. We treat each and every cow humanely and with the dignity these remarkable animals deserve." — Kunoa Cattle, O’ahu