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Lock it Down

Welcome to the Lock it Down instructional page! We’re thrilled that to have you as one of our newest at home chefs and can’t wait to get cooking.
Don’t worry, we’re more than happy to take you step by step helping you create tonight’s masterpiece.
The in the video below Chef Jon will walk you through each step of the process. Additionally we have a set of directions to help as well!

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Written Instructions:

1. Heat nonstick pan on medium high with Tbl. of oil for 5 minutes.

2. Sear ahi on each side for 7 seconds the remove immediately.

3. Cut avocado in half working knife around the pit. Remove pit. Keep avo in the skin and slice from top to bottom.

4. Slice ahi and fan onto plate. Sauce ahi w/ the chia seed vin.

5. Scoop avo out with a spoon and fan over ahi. Finished!

6. Make salad w/ greens, parm, bubu and toss with dressing. Hold

7. Submerge short rib & polenta in boiling water – 10 min. Cut heat.

8. Preheat oven to 350 (for bread)

9. Sauté greens on high in fry pan: tsp oil, salt /pepper. Cut heat.

10. Remove short rib bag from water, cut open and dab dry. Remove polenta bag from water, open and put center plate.

11. Place sautéed greens over polenta.

12. Now warm bread in oven last minute for several minutes.

13. Slice short rib place over green and polenta. Sauce the short rib with onion demi.

14. Dab Green Goddess around the sides of the plate. Done!

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